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Professional Pet Sitting, Dog Walking & More...
Serving RI & parts of MA
Insured & Bonded
"Keeping your companions happy & secure in your absence!"
All of our sitters & walkers are Experienced Professionals;
Pre-vet students, Animal Care/Vet Techs, Pet CPR/First Aid Certified
& More...

Serving Rhode Island & parts of Massachusetts:
Bristol County, Kent County, Providence County, Washington/South County,
Newport/Jamestown, MA: Attleboro, Seekonk, Swansea, Somerset, Fall River, Rehoboth & Westport

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I get started?
The first step is contacting us via Email or call us at (401)374-2230 or submit an on-line reservation. We will need to know the following information so that we can match you up with the appropriate sitter:

1. Number of pets & species (cat/dog/other)
2. If your pets are on any medication or if they have any medical conditions
3. Which service are you interested in?
4. When you would need service to start and end?
5. How many visits per day? And Ideal times for those vistis?
6. For dog walking services, which days would you need service and what time range?
(Please give a 2hr time-frame -Ex: 12-2pm , 1-3pm, 11-1pm, etc...)
7. Street name and city (To determine which sitter is closest to you.)

Q.Will you need vaccination records?
We will need to see proof of rabies for all pets in our care. For clients interested in having their dogs walked with other dogs or for in-home boarding/weekend day-care services, we will need to see proof of rabies, distemper combo, a negative heartworm test and bordetella (a.k.a kennel cough).

Q. Are you insured & bonded?
Yes. We are insured and bonded through Pet Sitters International

Q. Do you do background screening on employees
Yes. We require a full background screening, national criminal search, reference check, past employment verification, pre-employment exams and all of our staff must posses one of the following for professional experience; Vet techs, pre-vet students, animal shelter/kennel tech, professional grooming, training, work with a breeder, rescue league/foster care, Pet CPR First Aid trained/certified and/or animal care schooling/classes. We are the only pet sitting company that requires and guarantees prior professional animal experience.

Q. How long have you been in business for?
We have been in business since 2000. From 2000-2006, we were Melodi's Pet Sitting Service then in 2006 when we started hiring out staff members, we became Furry Fellas!

Q. What differentiates your service from other pet sitting companies?
We are the only company that requires prior professional animal experience for all of our staff. We have back-up sitters available for all vacation sitting services so that your pet will not be left without care in the event of an emergency with your sitter. We treat all of your animals like they are our very own and offer updates (we can call/text/email you with updates or you can contact your sitter directly to check on the status of your pets), our staff is trained in Pet First Aid/CPR and we do not charge extra for more pets.

Q. How much notice is needed to schedule service?
We appreciate as much notice as you can give us to ensure that a sitter/walker will be available. For dog walking services a minimum of 24hour notice is required. For vacation sitting service -a minimum of 48hrs-72hrs is required and for visits through a major holiday, a minimum of 5 days notice is required. (More notice needed for new clients as we will need to set up a meet & greet beforehand. Late scheduling fees are as follows:

Pet Sitting/Vacation Sitting/Ocassional Walks
+$5/reservation (less than 24-48hrs notice) Regular Weekly or Daily Dog Walking clients:
+$5/visit (less than 24hr notice)

Occasional Dog Walking clients:
+$5/visit (less than 48hr notice)

*Please Note: Additional notice is needed the week of a major holiday*

Q. Do you offer last minute service?
We will do our best to accomodate last minute service. For any dog walking service with less than 24hr notice a $5 late notice fee will apply per visit. For pet sitting the late booking fees are listed above.

Q.How much notice is needed for cancelations?
The cancelation time depends on the type of service booked. For dog walking services cancelation is recommended at least 24hours in advance or by the close of office hours the evening before (by 5:30pm). Cancellations may be accepted up to 9am the day of service for emergency/home sick for visits starting after 11am. Any cancelation received after this point will result in a minimum visit charge. For vacation sitting services (pet sitting visits/overnight sitting/in-home boarding, etc...) 24-48hrs notice is needed for pet sitting visits and 48-72hrs notice is required for overnights and in home boarding services. Anything less will result in a minimum visit charge for visits and a 1night charge for boarding/overnights.

Q.Do I contact my sitter or the office for future reservations?
Reservations should be made through the office email (furryfellaspetsitting@yahoo.com) or phone (401)374-2230. In-home boarding reservations for current clients can be made via the office or by contacting the In-home care sitters. All NEW clients must schedule through the office to get set up. If you are away on vacation and will be returning early or departing late, you should contact your sitter directly on their cell. No refund can be given if less than 24hr notice.

Q.How am I billed and when is it due?
For all vacation sitting services 50% of the balance is required to hold your reservation. We reserve the right to refuse service in any case where a deposit has not been received. The other 1/2 of the bill will be emailed after your return and is due within 3days. For all late payments, a late fee of $5 will accrue for each week overdue. For cases where payment is late, you may be required to make payment in full for all future services.

For In-home sitting/weekend day-care, 50% is due prior to departure (required to hold the reservation) and the other 50% is due at or before pick up.

For regular (weekly) dog walking services, payment will be due every 1-2 weeks (depending on the # of weekly visits). All invoices will be emailed out. If you do not have email access, please let us know in advance.

We accept the following payments:
All major credit cards; Axpress, Discover, Visa, Mastercard, debit cards, Paypal, checks and money orders. All credit/debit/Paypal payments are accepted via our website via the Payments button located in the left side bar. All checks should be made payable to:
Furry Fellas and mailed to our office at
PO BOX 1197
Coventry, RI 02816
Please do not leave checks for sitters to pick up at the visit unless discussed otherwise. Sitter do not work directly out of the office and they will only be able to accept payments at initial client meeting or at in-home/weekend day-care services.

Q. What are the office hours or what hours will calls be returned?
Our office hours are:
Mon-Fri 10am-5:30pm
Sat & Sun: 10:30-5:30pm

The office is closed on all holidays.

All calls and emails will be returned/responded to during office hours.

If you do not reach us, we may be out pet sitting so please leave a message and we will call shortly.
Our service hours (pet sitting/dog walking hours) are from 7am-10pm Mon-Sun, 365d ays a year -made in advance by appointment. We book on a 1st come 1st serve basis.

Q. What if I get delayed and can not make it home in time?
If you get delayed, we will continue care for your pets until you arrive home. For last minute delays/delays that fall out of office hours, you should contact your sitter directly. Sitters will give out cell numbers at meetings or you may contact the office in advance for the cell number or visits our homepage and a link will be provided with their contact info. Sitters cell numbers should only be used when your pets are under their care. Please do not contact sitter directly to set up service/make new reservations.

Q.What if my property is damaged while I am away?
Furry Fellas Pet Services agrees to provide all services in a reliable, caring and trustworthy manner. However, we are only liable for claims arising from negligence or willful misconduct on our part. Due to the extreme unpredictability of animals, we cannot accept responsibility for unusual mishaps (i.e., bites, furniture damage, spills, pet stains, etc.). Also, if your pets have access to the outside, we are NOT responsible for injury, disappearance, or fines. We will not leave pets outside in our care unsupervised

Q. Can I hire my pet sitter directly?
NO! Please do not put our sitters in this uncomfortable position of offering them employment apart from Furry Fellas. Our sitter are contractually prohibited from soliciting or accepting employment directly from our clients. We pay our sitters fairly based on the work they do and overhead that we have. In addition, any tips that you choose to give to your sitter, goes directly to them.

Email us or call 401-374-2230 for more information or make your on-line reservations today!
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(401) 374-2230   PO Box 1197 Coventry, RI 02816   furryfellaspetsitting@yahoo.com

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Pet sitters & dog walkers,Pet sitters & dog walkers, Pet sitters & dog walkers
Furry Fellas:Dog walking, Pet Sitting, Overnights and more for RI & MA

Office Hours:
Mon. - Fri. 10am-5pm
Sat & Sun: 10:30-5:30pm
Closed Holidays

Service Hours:
Mon.- Sun:
365 days a year

Furry Fellas:Dog walking, Pet Sitting, Overnights and more for RI & MA

Furry Fellas:Dog walking, Pet Sitting, Overnights and more for RI & MA

Furry Fellas:Dog walking, Pet Sitting, Overnights and more for RI & MA

Furry Fellas:Dog walking, Pet Sitting, Overnights and more for RI & MA

Furry Fellas:Dog walking, Pet Sitting, Overnights and more for RI & MA

Furry Fellas:Dog walking, Pet Sitting, Overnights and more for RI & MA

Furry Fellas:Dog walking, Pet Sitting, Overnights and more for RI & MA

Furry Fellas:Dog walking, Pet Sitting, Overnights and more for RI & MA

Furry Fellas:Dog walking, Pet Sitting, Overnights and more for RI & MA

Furry Fellas:Dog walking, Pet Sitting, Overnights and more for RI & MA

Furry Fellas:Dog walking, Pet Sitting, Overnights and more for RI & MA

Pet sitters & dog walkers,Pet sitters & dog walkers, Pet sitters & dog walkers-Providence, RI