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Product Review

I have been using the safe glow dog collar on my dog for our nightly walks. Before getting my safe glow dog collar in the mail I had recently seen someone in my neighborhood walking their dog with one. It was so dark out (no street lights that day for some reason) that I did not even see the dog or the person walking the dog. I did; however; see the blinking collar and it caught my attention and alerted me that someone was on the side of the road. When I got closer, I realized it was a dog with a flashing lighted collar. Until then, I had not seen one nor was I aware that they had even existed. Once I did realize that the dog was wearing a flashing collar, I thought, wow! What a great idea! Shortly after that, I was contacted to test & review one!

My dog is a chow/golden mix, about 65lbs so we requested a large sized collar. We got the yellow collar, as it a brighter collar, I felt it would have been the more popular color of choice for night time walking. The Safe glow collar makes it very convenient for my dog and I to enjoy our evening and bedtime walks.

The Safe Glow Collar is lit up by a LED bulb but the lights are hidden within the collar so that is does not come in contact with the outside elements (rain/snow, etc...) It took me about a minute to figure out how to turn the collar on. There is a small button that operates the light patterns. That button is also inside the collar so that it is not easily pressed by mistake, messing up the selected light pattern.

The choices of light patterns are…
1.slow flashing
2. fast flashing
3. completely lit up with no flashing
We tended to use the completely lit (non flashing option) the most.

The LCD light bulb is powered by a lithium battery. It has a 100,000-hour life. So, it is sure to last awhile. In addition to the lights, the Safe Glow Dog Collar contains a reflective stripe as an added safety feature. Another benefit of the collar is that it is very easy to put on and to use and that the size can be easily adjusted. It has a black plastic buckle clasp, is lightweight and the collar is made of nylon. My dog did not even seem to know the collar was there which was a plus. We would put it on prior to our bedtime walks and off we would go. It was nice to have a little light to guide our way as well as to alert people driving by that we were there. The only downside was that my dog’s longer/thick coat would sometimes cover the collar making it harder for people to see us. I would suggest making sure your dog’s hair is tucked under the collar for people using it on longer/thick-haired dogs. Other than that, I would absolutely recommend the Safe Glow Collar to all! There is no better way to enjoy a safe, relaxing walk or play session in the evening or early morning hours!!

-Melodi Landi, Owner of Furry Fellas Pet Service

Collars can be purchased at http://dogtrainingcollars.com/reviews/safe-glow-led-dog-collar

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Furry Fellas:Dog walking, Pet Sitting, Overnights and more for RI & MA

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Furry Fellas:Dog walking, Pet Sitting, Overnights and more for RI & MA

Furry Fellas:Dog walking, Pet Sitting, Overnights and more for RI & MA

Furry Fellas:Dog walking, Pet Sitting, Overnights and more for RI & MA

Furry Fellas:Dog walking, Pet Sitting, Overnights and more for RI & MA