Changes due to Coronavirus -What is Furry Fellas doing?
-Following CDC guidelines and keeping up to date with the latest news reports.
-Washing hands between each visit and each pet for the recommended 20 seconds
-Using Hand sanitizer when that is not possible
-Sitters are not allowed to report to work if they are sick or if they are experiencing any symptoms similar to coronavirus symptoms until they are cleared by Doctor
-Offering Non-contact pet errand services (drop at door)
-Practicing social distancing in our day to day lives as well as during visits and while out on dog walks, etc.
-For the most part, there is not much human to human contact in our line of work as our visits normally occur while clients are away or at work but for clients with dogs who are working from home, we are offering a no-contact dog walk service with hand off and drop off at door.
You could also leave your pet in a room away from household members or in a specific area of your home to reduce foot traffic in your home. We can pick up & drop off pet from that one room or area.
Feel free to leave all supplies (leash, food, meds, water jug, treats) out for your sitter (out of reach from pets of course) to reduce foot traffic through your home.
*Please be sure we have access to water for your companions if you will not be home*
-Sitters travel from their home-base
rather than to and from a place of business which eliminates them coming into contact with multiple staff members or multiple clients at once.
-There’s no current evidence that pets in the United States could be a source of infection, or that they could become infected through contact with a human who has the virus.
-As a safety precaution and as recommended by the CDC, we encourage everyone to avoid touching animals when sick and washing hands before and after petting an animal.
-We will not visit homes if clients test positive for COVID-19, are under quarantine orders or have symptoms consistent with the coronavirus unless given the ok by a health care provider.. This is for the safety of our staff, clients & the community.

We are proud to announce that Furry Fellas Pet Service LLC has completed the COVID-19 Certification course specific to the Pet Sitting & Dog Walking Industry!