Pet Wedding Attendant Services


A Wedding is not complete without your beloved companion. Whether you want your dog to walk down the isle and take part in your ceremony or just show up for the professional photos, we are here to help!

Depending on your needs, our services can include:
  • Transporting pets to and from rehearsal and ceremony
  • Exercising pets prior to ceremony (so they will be tired and well behaved
  • Transporting to and from the groomer
  • Dressing pets for the pictures / ceremony
  • Accompanying dog(s) down the isle OR remaining on standby for when you need us
  • Transporting pets back home after the ceremony
  • Honeymoon pet sitting services.
  • Check out our 2 vacation sitting service options for your honeymoon needs;

    Pet Sitting Visits to Your Home

     Overnights at Your Home

Contact us today for more info or to set up the initial meet & greet.

Pet Wedding Attendant Rates:
Pet Wedding Attendant Services
1 handler $75/hour +tax
2 handlers $140/hour +tax