Always Missing Your Pup When You Are Away From Home?

You know that moment when you are away from home and you really miss your pup and you are wondering how they are doing? Well there is a solution for that! You and your pup need a Furbo!

fitbark collar

Furbo cameras are absolutely fantastic for you and for your pup. It benefits all! This interactive pet camera allows you to talk to your pet and they can talk back to you….not only that but you can give them a treat! So not only can you keep tabs on them while you are away, but you can also reward them with a treat and remind them how much you love them! We know your pet sitter is doing an amazing job, but sometimes you just want to see your pup and give them a little extra love with their favorite treat and a quick hello while you are away! 


fitbark dog

Furbo cameras are connected through wifi and fully connected to your phone so you can take your pet everywhere you go through live-streaming. These cameras also have a “bark alert” function that will send a notification to your phone when your pup is barking at something to warn you that someone is intruding that should not be (even though its probably the sweet mailman). 

We know that all of our pets are absolutely perfect and never get into any trouble (cough cough). Well this camera will help monitor them during the day when you have to run out to make sure that they continue being that sweet, charming pup that is just sitting on the couch waiting for you to return. You can redirect your pup and reward them for good behavior. You can work on training behaviors and send that special treat for just being so darn cute! This camera is truly a benefit for both you and for your pup. It’s a must have!